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The room where people take the night off, rest, reenergize, and strengthen themselves up for the next day. This is the place where we seek refuge in comfort, cosiness and escape into another reality. 

In DHM, we offer you the most comfortable products that you will ever require in your life, a place for you to retreat and soothe in relaxation. The products here are carefully crafted to be aesthetically pleasing and contemporary for a conducive and comfortable environment.

A variety of products are offered at your disposal, from bed frames, mattresses, bedside tables, chest of drawers, and more. All types of furniture are ensured to be at the utmost quality and durable products available.

Wardrobe - Teenager Room

Wardrobe & Armoire
RM 4,998.00

Arabica | Honey Cafe Series Collection 14" Mattress

RM 2,999.00 - RM 3,399.00

Caramel | Honey Cafe Series Collection 12" Mattress

RM 2,399.00 - RM 2,699.00

Vienna | Honey Cafe Series Collection 10" Mattress

RM 1,199.00 - RM 1,399.00
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