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A console table is a table whose top surface is supported by corbels or brackets rather than by the usual four legs. It is thus similar to a supported shelf and is not designed to serve as a stand-alone surface. It is frequently used as pier table (which may have legs of any variety), to abut a pier wall.

LAMINO Console Table CST12

Console Tables
RM 683.00

OSSA Console Table CST3

Console Tables
RM 408.00 - RM 499.00

OSSA Console Table CST4

Console Tables
RM 500.00 - RM 577.00

OSSA Console Table CST5

Console Tables
RM 560.00 - RM 727.00

OSSA Console Table CST6

Console Tables
RM 513.00 - RM 604.00

LAMINO Console Table CST7

Console Tables
RM 593.00 - RM 705.00

LAMINO Console Table CST8

Console Tables
RM 931.00 - RM 1,170.00

LAMINO Console Table CST9

Console Tables
RM 578.00

LAMINO Console Table CST10

Console Tables
RM 841.00

LAMINO Console Table CST11

Console Tables
RM 901.00

OSSA Console Table CST1

Console Tables
RM 423.00 - RM 484.00

OSSA Console Table CST2

Console Tables
RM 590.00 - RM 727.00
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