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Ginmit history is tracked back to 1982, with one single mind, to make a different in other people life. Our founder, Mr. Puah Chong Sin, together with 2 employees started the adventure of furniture fittings industry. Till now we have over 200 employees with 3 factories and 7 retails stores over Peninsular Malaysia to cater the needs for the market.

SIGE ( Pro Line Series)

Kitchen Cabinets
RM 750.00

SIGE ( Materia Evo Series)

Kitchen Cabinets
RM 1,115.00

Otis Hide Away Bed with Desk Fittings

Bed Frames
RM 4,765.00 - RM 6,615.00

Infinitz 2 Poles Open Concept Wardrobe by Ginmit

Wardrobe & Armoire
RM 2,290.00 - RM 2,295.00