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What to Do After Renovation

What to Do After Renovation

Created by gee on 18 march, 19

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Let your house breath

After a remodel, let your house breath. Open all the windows and doors, let go of the strong smell that contains toxic elements such as benzene, methanol and ect. These toxic pollutants enough to harm your health and cause cancers & diseases. Choose to place charcoal or onion in every corneas of your house, also place it also in the drawers to absorb the smell. Moreover, green plant has the function of purifying air and beautify environment, there are several below suitable for indoor.



 Monstera Ceriman                                                                Scindapsus



 Ivy                                                                                          Adiantum



Make a defeat &maintenance checklist

Your ID or contractor should have been saving the instruction manuals for all of the products he or she installed in your home. Final check list on all the installed and ask your ID or contractor for advice on what tasks you should complete regularly to keep your home maintained in excellent condition. Here are just a few items you should keep in mind: (By Leslie Eiler)


  • Natural stone: If you have granite, marble, or other natural stone countertops, you will need to seal them periodically to prevent stains. If water doesn't bead up on the surface, it's time to reseal. 
  • Wood floors: Protect newly-finished wood floors by installing felt pads on all of your heavy furniture. Ask your ID or contractor what products to use to safely clean your floors.
  • Door & Window: Check if door holder function well. Any crack or flaw on the glass window or wood door.



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Deep clean

Remodelling produces lots of dust and debris, which manages to find its way even to parts of your home that were not under renovation. Most good remodelers will take measures to control the spread of dust and include a professional cleaning service as part of their project package, but there is usually some flexibility. For instance, we've had clients trying to squeeze the most out of their remodelling budget who opt to complete the post-construction clean-up themselves. While this is certainly a way to save money, be advised that it can involve many hours of hard work. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your new space is completely clean before moving any furniture or personal items back in. Also be sure to replace your furnace filters that were in place during the remodel and consider cleaning your ducts and the furnace itself. These can collect significant amounts of dust. (By Leslie Eiler)




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Pest Control

Pest control is a necessity after renovation because the mess becomes roaches and mice playground. Engage to professional pest control service to ensure your home is 100% secured from termite or other harmful insert such as mosquitoes.






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